Dovolenka na Slovensku Hotel Thermal Varga termálne kúpalisko Veľký Meder

Holidays Slovakia Hotel Thermal Varga Velky Meder SPA



Hotel Thermal Varga Veľký Meder termálne kúpalisko THERMAL CORVINUS

Hotel Thermal Varga Velky Meder THERMAL CORVINUS


Hotel Thermal Varga Veľký Meder termálne kúpalisko THERMAL CORVINUS

Hotel Thermal Varga Velky Meder water park THERMAL CORVINUS

Thermal spa inSlovakia, Thermal Corvinus Velky Meder
If you are looking for spas nearby Bratislava, visit Velky Meder. The spa is so close to Hotel Thermal Varga*** that you can actually make it to the entrance even in a robe and slippers. As if you had an accommodation in the area of the spa. Thermal spa Thermal Corvinus is open 365 days a year. The pools have thermal water with up to 38 °C.

Holiday in Slovakia with children
The variety of program opportunities and children’s playgrounds of the spa make it an attractive destination SPA Velky Mededr for families with children.

The parents can rest and relax while the children are looked after, so that they can also have fun and be safe at the same time.

Holiday in Slovakia for pensioners
The bicycle road around our town is well known throughout Europe. Veľký Meder (formerly Čalovo) is popular among the older guests of Hotel Thermal Varga***, as everything is just a step away and they have the comfort of staying at a very calm and relaxing environment.

Economy holiday offer for two Slovakia spa
For couples in love we provide plenty of different services like massage and wellness. They will certainly appreciate the undisturbed peace. The forest right next to hotel is the perfect venue of romantic strolls.

Just 20 km away from Hotel Thermal Varga***Veľký Meder is Győr, the 4th largest city in Hungary with a beautiful historical downtown, cafés and restaurants.


Spa and wellness Veľký Meder Hotel Thermal Varga ***

provides both spa and wellness services, massages in various first class facilities. Visit the Wellness in Veľký Meder and you will experience a total revitalisation.

Spas in Slovakia
Thermal bathes in Slovakia provide their visitors the opportunity for a perfect rest and relaxation both in the summer and winter seasons. The guests are not only Slovaks, but tourists from the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria and other countries. During the summer season visitors have access to seven pools and water rides.

Relaxing weekend offers
Relaxing offers, weekend offers, offers for two in spas and aqua parks in Slovakia. Enjoy your holiday in the spas of Podhájska, Dunajská Streda, Veľký Meder, Vadaš Štúrovo in the south of Slovakia.

New Years Eve in Slovakia SPA Velky Meder
Experience the end of the year 2015-2016 in a light-hearted atmosphere.

Veľký Meder special offers
An overview of the special offers in Velky Meder for seniors and couples. We offer packages with accommodation, spa entry ticket (free of charge), buffet style meals. Special offers regarding the accommodation in Hotel Thermal Veľký Meder for summer, winter, Christmas and New Years Eve, special offer according to your preference.
Accommodation Veľký Meder Slovakia
Accommodation in Veľký Meder in a nice environment with high standard services just a step away from the Thermal Corvinus spa. Hotel Termal Varga***(Veľký Meder Hotel Termal Varga), your relaxing holiday in Slovakia